What does this Quote Mean?: “Ready When You are CB!”

As many of you may know I have had a connection to the Great Movie Ride and whenever I can bring it up either in a discussion on the podcast or blog I do. But a quote from the Great Movie Ride has confused me for some time now. At the beginning of the ride the tour guide states “Ready When You are CB” and I have been asking myself what does this mean, and with a little bit of research and Google Searching I came across the meaning of that quote. So let’s get the film strip rolling and give a little back history of where this quote actually comes from. CB was the nickname for Oscar winning producer and director, Cecil B. DeMille, who made a major impact in the film industry by being the first director on the west coast to use artificial lighting in films. CB also produced and directed many of films during the early to mid 20th century in which include “The Ten Commandments”, “The Crusades” and other films. Also producing and directing he also helped in co-finding the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The quote “Ready when you are CB” has a long story that comes with it. But we will keep it short: During a recording session of a highly pyro-technic and action intense film Cecil came across a major problem. CB called “Action” everything went as planned all the extra’s came out all the explosions occurred on time but on that behalf nothing happens as planned. On his behalf he had four cameramen set up to film during the recording session, but Camera #1 had its film broken, Camera #2 had dirt fly into the camera lens by a horse’s hoof which was part of the filming, Camera #3 was destroyed due to a battle tower falling on it. Unplanned all three cameras were not filming, but with CB’s planning he had a fourth camera far away from the filming but still filming the recording session. CB called to the cameraman and yelled “Did you get all that?” and the cameraman shouted back “Ready when you are, CB!” This quote pays tribute to one of the best directors of the mid-20th century, so next time you take your next tour on the Great Movie Ride you can remember Cecil Demille.